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About Joey,  
Qua Spa Director and Esthetician

Thirty years ago, I witnessed a number of my friends get divorced, simply because they failed to keep themselves beautiful and fit. They  thought that once they got married, they no longer had to take good care of themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. We must always care for ourselves if we want to maintain our own sense of value and self-worth.


I want to be the beacon of light, the messenger, to those who are searching for the methods and procedures that will help them recapture their youthful beauty. 


I started my career as an image consultant in the beauty industry over thirty years ago.  I have received numerous awards and was widely recognized as a top professional in my home town. I have judged national makeup competitions and have given beauty lectures on local TV shows. I have helped thousands of people achieve the beauty they desire.


I gain a huge sense of fulfillment in helping people achieve their beauty goals. Many people expressed their excitement, saying, "Joey, I feel younger!" or "Joey, my skin has really changed!" or "Joey, this is the best facial I have ever experienced.” It’s really nice when other people share, “Joey, I feel like a brand new person.”  All my clients receive fantastic results, and I want this for you too. I hope to see you soon.


About Eva,  
Qua Spa Esthetician

Eva, a licensed esthetician since 2015, honed her skills at the esteemed Cinta Aveda Institute, where she received comprehensive training in natural Ayurvedic skincare and massage techniques. Her expertise lies in crafting personalized facials meticulously tailored to each client's unique requirements and preferences.

Our Treatment Room

Our Treatment Room

Our Treatment Room

Our latest beauty equipment

Our Treatment Room

Our Treatment Room

Esthetician Eva

Masseur Nathan

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