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ageLoc Galvanic Spa Facial

1 hr 30 min,  $285

Premium Facial Services for a Rejuvenating Experience by Qua Spa San Francisco

ageLoc Galvanic Spa Facial include :

LumiSpa cleansing, Microdermabrasion exfoliation, extractions, steam, Acupoint Detox Massage,Galvanic tightening and lifting;  Mask with FLEX MD LED Light Therapy Renew and Repair skin, toner, Essence,  Cream/Lotion, 

Concerns: blemishes, age spots, visible lines around eyes and lips, toner and firming

Results Seen: See immediate results after just one treatment! (smooth, Firm, Wrinkles are visibly reduced)


For all skin types.

Immediately visible results after only one treatment!


1 hr 30 min.

ONE SESSION                              $285

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