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Hydra  Facial

1 hr 15 min      $189

Premium Facial Services for a Rejuvenating Experience by Qua Spa San Francisco

HydraFacials have become one of the most popular facial trends in the modern world,

HydraFacials have become the facial spa care routine of choice because they are non-invasive yet effective and can be used for almost any skin condition and on any type of skin.But you should avoid HydraFacial if you have active rashes, sunburn, or moderate to severe acne or rosacea.

​HydraFacial treatments are often used in conjunction with LED light therapy. Blue light can help with acne while red light can help reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

This facial includ:

Deep cleaning, extractions, mask, massage and LED

Immediately visible results after only one treatment!



1 hr 15 min

ONE SESSION                         $189

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