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Hot Stone Massage

Duration: 60 min  $139
Duration: 90 min  $179

Let our massage therapist melt away your tension using water- heated stones at key points on the body. The heat of the stones relaxes muscles and allows the therapist to access deeper muscle layers helping to ease stiffness and increase circulation.

We offer 3 types stones:  Pick your favorite Stone

1. Natural Green Jade Stone  

    Duration: 60 min  $139                                 Duration: 90 min  $179


2.Himalayan Salt Stone 

   Duration: 60 min  $139                                 Duration: 90 min  $179

3.Energy stone (Hot Stone)

   Duration: 60 min  $139                                 Duration: 90 min  $179


Recommended add-ons:

Organic Aromatherapy $10

HEMP Cream / Oil  $15

Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream  $15

Tiger Balm Pain Relieving  $15

( If interested in an add-on, Please mention it on the notes during check -out)

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