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 Skin Tightening / Wrinkle Removal

Immediately visible results after only one treatment!

90 mins.  $285

NEW DOUBLE` is an equipment with a new concept that combines both MFU and RF(Radio Frequency) technology in order to include all of the functionalities to create a V-line shaped face.

MFU is a type of ultrasound. Ultrasonic waves refer to waves with frequencies stands for Micro Focused High Ultra Ultrasound and can generate thermal effect in human tissues by focusing high intensity ultrasound on one point. It was originally used to destroy tumors and cancer cells without incision, but nowadays it is also applied to Elasticity/Lifting equipment.

Elasticity/Lifting procedures irradiate strong ultrasound energy inside the skin and generate heat to cause coagulation, in which tissues contract, pulling the skin together, and proceed to go through internal recovery which generates collagen to help improve skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement.

MFU lifting equipment can penetrate through 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm deep into the skin, which means that the thermal energy can be transmitted to the SMAS layer, one of the main causes of skin sagging.

Along with MFU, RF is also one of the most widely used energy source in lifting therapy. RF is an electromagnetic wave with a relatively high frequency, usually 20MHz or higher, and vibrates and heats water molecules in the body.

This facial treatment Specially designed for sagging and wrinkled skin


Must Try

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